A Retreat for Your Soul

The United Christian Ashrams international ministry is a network of spiritual events held all over the world. For a time, people can leave their busy lives behind to find a new rhythm of life focused on Jesus. We open our hearts to God and each other and come home refreshed and full of joy. The disciplines we practice at a Christian Ashram can transform the way we live all year long!

What Can I Expect?

We all are on a spiritual journey. We are looking for a way of life that is good for us, our family, friends, neighbors, and our world.

Since 1930, people of all ages, all races, and all walks of life, have come to Christian Ashram retreats. We find rest and recreation. We are encouraged by Biblical teaching. We make meaningful friendships. And best of all, we see our lives transformed by the Living Lord.

Christian Ashrams are designed to help you:

What is a Christian Ashram?

Ashram is a Sanskrit word meaning “retreat from work.”  These retreats have enriched the lives of people all over the world.

Jesus is the center of the Christian Ashram. All who attend are treated as a family — brothers and sisters in Christ.

In 1930, Dr. E. Stanley Jones, a missionary and worldwide evangelist started the Christian Ashram in India. He envisioned people gathering from all religions, races, and cultures to practice living the Way of Jesus.

The Christian Ashram is for people of all ages and walks of life, single or married, with children or without. As we open our hearts to God and to each other, we begin to see our lives changed.

Through this unique ministry, thousands have found new life in Christ, new joy in their spiritual journey, new depth in their relationships, and new energy for their churches and communities.

Where Can I Attend?


Peninsula Church of the Nazarene

San Pedro, CA

Director: Frank Sauer

Registrar: Frank Sauer




Boulder Creek, California

Director: Lindsay Frankovic

Registrar: Gayle Kerr



British Columbia

Langley, British Columbia

Director: Rev. Ed Hird        

Registrar: Norma Carruthers



Arizona Summer

Scottsdale, Arizona

Director: Kate Flavell

Registrar:  Cheryle Dunkleberg



Western Pennsylvania

Hopwood, Pennsylvania

Director: Kristine Swaney

Registrar: Rodney Horner



Arizona Fall

Prescott, Arizona

Director: Kate Flavell

Registrar: Cheryle Dunkleberg


16-19, 2024

California Winter

Idyllwild, California

Director: Brian Shimer

Registrar: Jeannie Appel

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Featured News

Featured News

Featured News

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Christian Ashram may be an unfamiliar idea to you. You can find more brochures, pamphlets, and articles that explain more about it here. You’ll also find guides for enriching your spiritual journey with Jesus.