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Reflections On The Ashram

“Jesus is Lord!” was the theme for the 75th Anniversary celebration events in North America. Today, I can say with certainty that in every one of the 10 Ashrams I attended between May 25 and August 9, one of more people came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ for the very first time. Many more recommitted their lives to Christ and responded to the invitation to surrender themselves more fully to Christ and receive even more of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

I can also bear witness to the fact that at each of the 10 Ashrams miracles took place! Men and woman, girls and boys, young and old—all experienced the healing power of the risen Christ. Bodies, minds, and spirits were healed—and I saw people “running and leaping and praising God.”

At the beginning of this 78-day mission from India to points all over the United States and Canada, I was confident that God was at work in and through the Ashram movement. Now I am absolutely convinced! There is no doubt—only a depth of certainty I never expected. I have been transformed in a way that I cannot fully express—Jesus is more Lord of my life today than when this journey began.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the United Christian Ashram movement. Thank you for creating the atmosphere of prayer, faith, hope, and love which made these experiences possible. Thank you for investing your time, talents, and financial resources in the UCA. Without you—your prayers, your good wishes, your volunteer service, and your generous gifts—none of this could have happened. And without you, none of it will continue to happen.

Together, we can take the whole Gospel to the whole World! Together, we will embody our deepest conviction—Jesus is Lord!

By Tom Albin