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Thoughts about My Christian Ashram

When thinking about all I’ve learned and experienced being a part of Bridgewater Christian Ashram as a member and then as Director, I get a warm fuzzy feeling. Over 20 years ago, Pastor Arie Mangrum from Purity Baptist Church here in Washington, DC, led me and many from my church to the Bridgewater Christian Ashram. It changed my life. I learned how to pray, how to stand, and how to wait on the Lord by trusting Jesus. I can now cope with things that I never could have before. The time I spend at Bridgewater Ashram feels like a special vacation with the Lord. I feel so close to Him as if I could reach up and touch Heaven.

I have many fond memories through the years and even now I still get a comforting feeling just thinking about being there this summer. I am grateful to my pastor for leading me to Bridgewater Christian Ashram and I have tried to do the same through the years by inviting and encouraging others to come and experience a transformed life through Jesus Christ.